What is going on with the Bluestocking Society?

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Hello All! I was wondering if we still were going to keep up with this Society of literates or if it is going to fade away. Let me know because I would like to get this up and running. But to keep it up and running we will need participation. So if you are with me then let’s get this ball rolling.  And get started with some discussion about Naked Lunch.


The Most Annoying Noise

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Wake up. The most annoying noise is ringing in my ear. That fucking alarm clock wakes me the fuck up every fucking weekday at seven fucking fifteen fucking a.m. on the fucking second. It is fucking guaranteed as my next work is going to be fuck. I am going to hit the snooze.

Nine minutes later on the second my ears are ringing once again. This time no snooze, it is time to get up and face the day. My day will go as monotonous as the past year of my life. It is as consistent as my alarm clock going off at seven fifteen on the second every weekday.

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Awake, never quite fully asleep, I see the light starting to creep through the curtains covering the window behind our heads. The curtains give the air a yellow hue and make me feel as if I’m swimming in perpetual twilight. It’s Monday. I have to assume my position. I slip myself out of Aaron’s sweaty grip and put on his old, dirty sweatshirt and his boxers. I rifle through his pants pocket for his pack of cigarettes and slide one out, placing it between my lips. I pad my way down the hall and let the dog out of her crate. I let her into the back yard and throw a cup of her food in her bowl on my way to the front door.

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The Cartographer

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Ben was a cartographer. If I say nothing else about him throughout this whole damn thing, he was a cartographer. I think that this may have been the one fact that he would have wanted to be remembered by, regardless of his real job, regardless of his family, and regardless of me. I know the truth when I see it, and I’m ok with being second fiddle to a drawer full of maps.

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•May 3, 2009 • 3 Comments

Only 5 people voted in the runoff election, but 3 to 2, Naked Lunch has won.  Since we’re already a bit behind schedule we’ll just go with that.  If you don’t have the book yet, no worries, we’ll start book discussions (posted here) next Monday, May 11.  Read something around the first 70 pages.  I don’t have the book yet either, so when I get it I’ll let you know an exact break.  I’ll do the first posting, and then out of whoever is actively participating, hopefully someone will offer to do the next round of questions and commentaries.

Please leave a comment to let me know who is on board for this book!! (You don’t have to say anything profound, just leave a comment.)

Runoff election for Book 1

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The runoff poll for the selection of book one is now posted on the page, “The Board Room.”

Go vote!  Elections will close on April 1, with results announced shortly after.

Book 1: Vote!

•April 13, 2009 • 4 Comments

Go vote for Book 1 in the board room!!

I’ll be closing the vote for this book on April 30

That way we’ll have enough time to recruit more people, go get the book if you don’t have it, and read the first section or chapter in time to get things started.

How often do you think we should have book discussions?  Is once a week good?  Do you have a day preference?  I think we should post conversation topics and questions on Mondays, and then everyone will have until the weekend to respond, with downtime to read the next part.  I’m a slow reader, but I would assume that most of you aren’t.  How many pages do you think is reasonable with your schedules per week?  50?  or 100?

If no one responds to this, I’ll go with posts on Mondays, once a week, reading something like 70 pages per week (or the chapter amount equivalent).  If this is the plan, then the first book conversation will start on May 4, 2009.

P.S. the name of the book club is “Bitches with Books”